Do you want to write a novel, but not sure how? Do you have the perfect story, but when it comes time to write it all out, you get stuck?

In this episode of Hilary Topper On Air, Hilary interviews Peter G. Pollak, Author and Owner of Expendable Man Publishing.

Peter’s Background

Born in upstate New York, the son of Holocaust survivors, ten years ago he reinvented himself as a novelist. This was after having had successful careers as a journalist, educator and entrepreneur. Now, as an author, Peter continues to follow the recipe of his early achievements. His formula begins with having a clearly-defined goal and developing a plan so that each day moves him closer to that goal. His goal at the moment is to be traditionally published. He works on his writing seven days a week and while he recognizes that perfection is impossible, he is always open to improving his craft.

About the Interview

Lots of people have the desire to write a novel, but over the year Peter has seen many would-be novelists fall by the wayside in part because they have unrealistic expectations, but more often because they don’t start with a plan.

Hear from Peter on his new 40-page pamphlet, “10 Things You Need to Know to Write a Novel.” The pamphlet is aimed at helping would-be novelists get off on the right foot. It helps potential novelists understand what they need to do before they begin and gives them tips on how to stay on track once they start writing.

Peter will discuss how to get ready by not writing until you have condensed your story idea into an elevator pitch. How to take time before you start writing to spell out where your story is going. Advice on being organized when you start so that you don’t waste time or write yourself into a dead-end. How it’s easy to get bogged down when you stray from your plan. And lastly, how to not try this alone by creating or joining a critique group with one or several other would-be or published novelists.

About Peter G. Pollak

Peter maintains a website where he review books and posts commentary on the writing life. He is also a monthly contributor to, and has been on various panels and given talks on writing at a number of writers’ conferences and workshops. To contact Peter or learn more about 10 Things You Need to Know to Write a Novel, Expendable Man Publishing or view his writings visit

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