As an endurance athlete, you’re focused on your speed, your form, your mental game, and your goals for the next race, but have you thought about your nutrition? More so, do you know about the importance of minerals, like magnesium, and how they can affect your overall sports performance?

In this episode of Hilary Topper On Air, Hilary interviews Theresa Seaquist, CEO (Chief Endurance Officer); Science Advisor Endurance Liaison for MOXiLIFE.

About Theresa

Theresa has been a Technical Mineral Ingredient Educator for more than 13 years. She educates formulators on how minerals are absorbed, discusses product innovations and presents clinical studies on absorption.

Personally, Theresa enjoys the outdoors: hiking, running, biking and swimming. She also is a fan of lifting weights. She loves to travel in her RV with her rescue dogs and doesn’t say no to trips to Hawaii. Theresa enjoys eating and cooking healthy. She is an All American NCAA (x3) Track and Cross Country Athlete, a Top 5 Arizona State cycling time trials, a 6x Ironman finisher, and a Top 5 age grouper at Ironman Brazil.

About the Interview

Theresa discusses why minerals are so important and how they affect an endurance athlete’s overall sports performance. Learn how Magnesium, a key metabolic mineral, influences a variety of body functions and mechanisms. Discover how macro and micronutrients are the foundation of our energy and building blocks. Hear about how minerals are synergistic activators to 600+ enzymes in our body. Theresa also speaks about Magnesium deficiency and why our society is Magnesium deficient. She explains how hydration and magnesium work with sodium and potassium and the absorption of minerals and unique issues with Magnesium.


MOXiLIFE nutrition provides clinical solutions; that improve metabolism so that athletes can perform at higher levels and recover faster. To contact Theresa or learn more about MOXiLIFE, visit