Are you sick of being in pain? Whether you’re dealing with chronic pain or you’re an athlete that is hurting, feeling pain can disrupt your daily life, your fitness goals, and be incredibly debilitating. But, did you know that vibration and heat therapy can alleviate pain?

In this episode of Hilary Topper On Air, Hilary interviews Shaquille Walker, Co-Founder of MyoStorm.

Shaquille’s Background

Shaquille has a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science from Brigham Young University. He is a world-class track and field athlete in the 800m dash during his time competing collegiately and professionally. While at BYU he set six school records and gained six All-American honors. He is also the 2015 World University Games Gold Medallist in the 800m in Gwangju, Korea. His education and experiences as an athlete have made him an expert in muscular recovery and performance.

About the Interview

Hear from Shaquille on how vibration and heat therapy can help to reduce multiple types of pain in athletes and everyday individuals. As a pro athlete, he was constantly looking for a better way to recover and that’s why he formed a company to tackle this issue.

Shaquille will discuss his journey as a collegiate and professional athlete – and all of the pain he dealt with. You’ll hear about research on vibration and heat therapy. Discover how MyoStorm got its start on Kickstarter. Learn about the science of how Meteor works. And understand the benefits of heat and vibration. You’ll also get insight into why many pro athletes are backing the Meteor and MyoStorm!

About MyoStorm

MyoStorm’s purpose is to enable people to play their best, feel their best, and live life to their fullest potential. To do this they have developed groundbreaking vibration and heat technology to help relieve pain and assist in muscular recovery. They work specifically with athletes and people suffering from chronic pain. To contact Shaquille or learn more about MyoStorm or the Meteor, visit

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